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PySide in Maya 2014

You can now use PySide in Maya 2014 out of the box. Here is some code. from PySide import QtGui # Create a simple dialog box msgBox = QtGui.QMessageBox() msgBox.setText(“Hello Maya – using PySide version ” + PySide.__version__) msgBox.exec_()

Maya startup – userSetup.mel

I was searching a way to automatically load PyMel and other tools on Mayas startup. All you have to do is adding a few lines to you userSetup.mel file. To locate your userSetup file on computer use this mel command: print `whatIs “userSetup.mel”`; Use a texteditor and copy the following code: # loads mentalray on […]

Normal map scale script

I was annoyed about the complexity to scale up a normal map value. So I created a script which adds a slider to the bump2d node. # this script creates an attribute inside the bump2d node to scale normal map values # select all normal map file textures and run the script import pymel.core as […]