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Mafia character comp

This is an early chracter comp. I did these to get a visual feeling how this two characters do work together. This isn’t a final result. I still see here alot of development to do…

Mafia second character design

The second character is called Gionfranco il Cativo. He is the cook in the restaurant and will be murdered by Giuseppe Grosso. He has a very strong character and a big ego. Gionfranco loves to eat and hates everyone who isn’t digging his meals. As always I did 20 drawings to shuffle them around.

Mafia main character design

This is the main character development for Giuseppe Grosso from the animated short Mafia. He is a gentle, goofy like character. Deep in his heart he isn’t an evil mafiosi. So it is hard for him to kill a the guy in the story and vanish his body. I created 20 versions of Giuseppe to […]

First “Mafia” draft

This is the first main character draft drawing for the Mafia animated short. More is coming soon. It is about a totaly goofy mafiosi who killed a man. But he isn’t able to vanish the dead body. Synopsis: A simple job? A mafiosi has the quest to kill a guy and tried to get rid […]